Daily bargains in the Target dollar bins

Daily bargains in the Target dollar bins

I just stocked up on kitchen towels, craft kits, stickers, and paper clips.

Whether you’re putting together a cheery basket for a sick kiddo, a care package for a college student, or just in need of a cute seasonal kitchen towel, Target’s weekly dollar bins are where it’s at. I know because I’m there nearly every week, grabbing cheap things for my co-op classes or kitchen. This week I picked up about $6 worth of valentine craft materials and now have plenty to teach my valentine craft class this Thursday.

My daughter always picks things from the dollar bins when she gets a chance to choose a toy as well. There’s always something really cute to find. She bought an owl purse with her money from Grandma for $1, and she has previously bought erasers, stuffed animals, and books. I’ve also filled her stocking—and sometimes even purchased Christmas or Easter gifts—from these very bins. In fact, last year’s musical and game items for her birthday—two different categories of gifts we always try to include—were both from the deal aisle.

You can even put together entire gift baskets without going to any other area of the store. There are always baskets or bins for sale, as well as snacks, self-care items, and fun household goodies, sometimes even including home décor. Throw together a box for your birthday party this weekend, or go to the checkout lane and add an iTunes card for your high school grad.

If I had a complaint, it would be that lately there are a bunch of $3 deals in the aisle that seem quite overpriced. Once in a while there are $2.50 deals that are worth it—my daughter got an owl rug for her room for this much—but these $3 deals of late are silly cheap things, like rubber scrapers for the kitchen that you could get for $1 elsewhere. I think Target’s trying to capitalize on people shopping in the bins and not realizing how much these things are—or realizing it and just believing they are getting a decent deal when they aren’t.

Even so, we always check the bins when we head over to Target. Combined with our regular Red Card discounts and coupons, we usually walk out of the store not having spent much, making me  happy—and toting some trinket or stickers, making my kiddo happy. Who am I kidding—last night I bought myself some Valentine stickers for my journal, too. And why not? They were two sheets for a buck.