Night of the Living Gamers

Night of the Living Gamers

Toys for big boys and girls.

When my parent's generation thinks of toys, they usually think of kids. My generation, a group of slowly approaching middle age gen-Xers, doesn't just think toys are for kids. My husband has an entire wall of shelves featuring action figures from video games, comic books, and mangas. He gets just as excited over a Star Wars lightsaber as my kids do. Nope, toys just aren't for kids.

What cracks me up as the wife of a gamer is the seriousness of a video game release. Mass Effect 3, one of the most anticipated games ever, came out this week. My husband reserved his copy well over a year ago. Not just a plain jane copy, oh no. He reserved the special edition boxed set that came with a patch, comic, collector's tin and other stuff.


The funny thing about game reservations is they never seem to come out on time. When you first make the reservation, the game is usually expected within a few months. That date always gets extended. Back in the Game Cube days, we once had a reserved game release date extended out by two years. (Zelda, anyone?)


Even with a reservation, you don't just stroll into the game store on release day after work. Nope, you show up at the store at least an hour before midnight. Yes, the store is open. You then stand around with other gamers guzzling Mountain Dew and Energy drinks until the moment to form the line comes. These places are madhouses on a release night.


Once you have your game, you make a beeline home and to your console. You've already been up half the night to pick up the game, why not spend the rest of the evening actually playing it. It's a good thing my husband works from home, otherwise I'd be calling in to work for him after every game release during the year.