Personalized Books

Personalized Books

Give a book they will really enjoy.

Not too long ago my oldest son was bedridden for a week with a severe case of strep throat, one of those persistent infections it seems every kid has to get at least once. It took him another week or so to really start feeling like himself again. Friends and family, knowing our no TV rule, kindly brought him plenty of books to keep him occupied between naps.

By far the most common item was activity books. He's getting a bit old for the regular coloring book and most of the activity books seemed a little juvenile, with simple connect the dots, word search and number games. Then inspiration struck. How about I make him a personalized book to pass the time?


You can make the book with pages from assorted activity books you have lying around or you can print some pages online. There are even sites that let you make your own word searches, mazes and crossword puzzles. The simple templates let you input your own words, so you can hide little messages to the child in the puzzle.


I sent the rest of the family on a mission to find just the right items to finish off the book. We gathered everything we could find in the primary color groups – red, blue and yellow. Then we heaped them together and took some pictures. These made excellent hidden objects pictures. We even printed some onto heavy paper and cut out our own puzzles.


After we had the pages gathered, I punched them and put them into a binder. The pages were easy to turn and the hard back of the binder made a handy writing surface. We can even add more pages in the future so the book can keep growing.